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1. I just found out I had a penis, weird...
2. bloody penny
3. FROM DUST WE RISE INTO DUST WE FALL <<< Gravity's a bitch isn't it?
4. 512-867-5309 <== Call for a good time (Ask for Jenny)
5. pitch blease
6. oi cunt
8. any1 knoe how to typ with my d on the kboard?
9. any1 wanna put their d in my a?
10. Do you wanna build a snowman?
11. Nobody move, nobody gets hurt.
12. I just took a look inside my butthole, there's a lot of shit in there.
13. R.I.P. Bitcoin
14. my girlfriends feet smell so good when she takes off her flats
15. there is a toy dinosaur stuck in my brother's ass <<< I guess it's offically a Megasoarass Rex toy. <<< That is also what I call my cousin's wiener.
16. Anybody a fan of twilight?
17. If you're reading this, then you are literate...CONGRATIONLATIONS!!
18. I had to shave my beard to get rid of those darn dingleberries. Thanks Rachel, your butthole is a place of tranquility for both my beard and my chin. See you ya
19. I tell you what I want, what I really, really, want.
20. I fucked a girl that worked at a donut shop...just kidding, she was a man and he was unemployed...lulz
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