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1. no niggers, no problems!
2. yo bitch. I need one of you niggers to sell my fakemon cards
3. le meme face :^) <<< jewnose
4. le meme face :^)
5. remembering , see if forgot to spell right
6. why cant I be smart . I just cant seem to focis on rembering
7. Is anybody here? <<< Piss off <<< Stop being a bully.
8. Is anybody here? <<< Ayy
9. Is anybody here? <<< Piss off
10. Is anybody here?
11. And now, time for the penguin on top of your computer to explode.
12. what the fuck is wrong with me <<< you smell funky
13. what the fuck is wrong with me
15. he fucking kissed her
16. Everybody loves Ramond.
17. sausages should taste like sausages
18. The only universal truth that exists is that there arent any.
19. we need dual toilet stalls for couples! wouldn't you agree?
20. doctors are rapists
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