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1. "You have your own definition of success, maybe it's expressing your unique style" ... SKIIIIIIPPPPP
2. Came home to find my wife beating the kids. Bitch can sleep outside.
3. If IT IS HAPPENING all of the time then why does it never happen?
4. Thumbs this up if you have thumbs.
5. Genghis Swan is a wonderful writer, very titful and saggyboob gracious. Keep up the good work.
6. I wash my penis after every piss, you never know when it might receive a kiss.
7. I fucked my bestfriend and now she isn't talking to me, I wasn't that bad.
8. friend zone D:
9. JoJ
10. ... is everyone dead?...
12. ITellYouThat digivolved to....
13. $("#vetleem").on("keydown", vetleem.gepOash(elvet) );
14. $("#vetleem").on("keydown",function(e){ ... });
15. it's time to digivolve this site
16. So the wars begin again. Just like good old times. THe shitty chat wars. Well... It's come to this... We're settled on a final plan of action and we're going to execute with murder. You better polish up for the traffic we'll be throwing you, but it's just going to cause an autism war that will fuel both sides. On your mark. Get set. Go.
17. Hi there is anything you need anything else that you have to go back and relax and watch your help and support for your time and Time for some time to get a chance to win a game of golf course and it was?
18. hello
19. Yay! I am a fag!
20. If you can read this then you are a fag. Congrats.
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